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Music Music and More Music

March 22, 2009

I’ve taken a new tactic in trying to discovery new music, when I say new I don’t actually mean new I mean new to me! I plan is to go through artists myspace pages and pick out there friends that are also artists.

It’s not utter genius and it takes ages but I have found some good stuff from doing it.

Some people may say that I have too much time on my hands…:)


I Love

January 11, 2009

Check out it give free tracks every week and some of the remixes are amazing. Perfect club stuff.


Cheap DJ Equipment

September 5, 2008

Get 20% Off DJ Gear With Coke Zero & Dolphin Music

Dolphin Muisc are working with Coke Zeroto get you a 20% off of DJ gear, so you can get things like turntable, mixers, headphones, lighting, Dj software etc at a discounted rate. Really good deal if you ask me, you can pick up Traktor for £79.00 (you all know how much I love Traktor).

A couple of other nice bits of cheap beginner dj equipment are:
Kam DJ Mix150 turntables– for those who want to get to the root of DJ’ing


Numark iDJ2 iPod Mixer– for those who just want to jump in and go straight for the digital

and don’t forget about the accessories

Road Ready GSMIXMC Gigskinz Bag with Laptop Compartment– Really like this wee bag I think I’m going to get it for my lapy and mixer, check out the pictures out on the site!

They have a whole bunch of other dj equipment and accessories on their site, check it out


Behringer BCD3000 USB dj controller

August 16, 2008

Our take on the Behringer BCD3000 USB dj controller

Well as mentioned before we at Kookin have been playing with some of the digital toys out there. This time it is the Behringer BCD3000 that has caught our intention.

The Behringer BCD3000 was released in 2007 and is in the mid-price range for this type of controller. To be honest I am very impressed with it; the build quality is pretty decent, and once you get it up an running with Traktor (dj software) you can whack about the crossfader and knobs and it doesn’t feel as if it’s about to break!

I’m using the Behringer BCD3000 with Traktor (in my opinion the best dj software out there). I used it initially with a Window XP machine with a celeron processor and 2 gig of ram. I had loads of problems with it jerking and pausing it was unusable, so I went and got a MacBook Pro. God damn it works well, I’m not saying you need to get a top of the range computer to get good use out of it just make sure you have the absolute minimum requirements which my PC didn’t have. After running it on a compliant computer I realised how good it was for the money, £145, you can do everything that a normal mixer can do and what I really like is that you can plug your decks into it and mix mp3’s and vinyl, I think it adds diversity to your set. I’m still working out how to use it with other apps like cubase and Ableton Live but it looks fairly simple.

Some people will turn there nose up at the Behringer BCD3000 because it’s not some big dj brand name like Vestax. If you are looking to try out a mp3 mixer for the first time you don’t want to blow £300 on a mp3 mixer to find if you like it or not then the Behringer BCD3000 is for you.

I think it’s a great toy and would recommend it to anyone!

You can pick up the Behringer BCD3000 at Dolphin Music for £146.00.

helpful site
BCD3000 USB dj controller .tks files


Queen’s Park Carnival – What a treat!!

August 3, 2008

Get down to the Queen’s Park Carnival on August 23rd

Kookin will be playing their stuff at the Queen’s Park Carnival on the 23rd of August alongside some of Glasgow’s best known DJ’s, such as JD Twitch, Andrew Divine, Furious Breaks and LOADS more!

This lovely wee event (I say wee but there is actually 15 DJ’s then an aftershow, so it ain’t wee) is all in the name of Childline and all the proceeds go straight to them so get on down and shake your thang!!

Glasgow Nightlife

Even Dj’s need a holiday

July 26, 2008

We are off for wee while

Just to let you all know that Kookin will be taking a wee break for a couple of months. Sign up to our mailing list to find out when were are coming back

See you when we get back!


Patefon – June 21st!

May 29, 2008

Hey People! It’s that time again!

After the amazingly amazing (honestly only way to describe it) Patefon in May we bring to you special guest Maceo Wyro formally known as ‘Innocent Sorcerers’. Joining Maceo Wyro is the amazing Furious Breaks, Furious absolutely hammered it last time, with our ‘all ways on time’ resident Sebastian Preis.
You may want to insure your shoes for this one!.

The Admiral, 72a, Waterloos St. Glasgow.
Drink Promos
£2.00: Vodka Mix and Margaritas
£2.50: Tyskie

See ya there!
Patefon club glasgow - june