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Oxygen 8 midi USB controller for DJ’s

April 24, 2008

DJ Tech Tool show you how

This article follows an original by one of the best DJ ‘toys’ sites I have came across in ages.
Basically Ean Golden published an article on how he got Traktor to work with the Oxygen 8 midi USB controller, and was nice enough to give the prog. files away. However PC users were having problems opening them, I managed to get it to work and Ean asked me to publish them for those that are using a PC and midi USB controller.

So here they are, and a big thanks to Ean Golden for his original publishing of these really handy files!

Oxygen 8 midi USB controller


OTUS USB DJ controller; dj controller that works with Traktor

April 22, 2008

OTUS USB DJ controller, an amazing looking piece of kit

My friend colin was on the Traktor website looking for Traktor compatible USB midi controllers and he came across this beast!
Eks Traktor USB compatible midi controller
The OTUS USB DJ controller is pretty special not only because of the way it looks, which is F’n SEXY!, but because you only need one to control 2 channels on Traktor.
I can’t yet say if it’s any good as it has not been released to the public but I am will travel my ass off to get a shot of one of these. Eks will release the OTUS USB DJ controller to the public in June and it is expected to retail at around £495.00.